Tiny Tobiko, Big Flavor

November 9th, 2011

To most Philadelphians, hearing the word “tobiko” may not conger up much of an image. At Zama, we are passionate about tobiko, so we’d like to change that. If you’re among those who don’t know, “tobiko” is the Japanese word for flying fish roe, used commonly in sushi. You’ll find wasabi tobiko, a green derivative of its namesake, in our Wasabi Lobster roll (pictured below).

Tobiko is larger than masago (or capelin roe), but smaller than salmon roe. It is often orange in color with a mild smoky/salty taste and crunchy texture. To give it a green coloration, we prepare it with generous helping of wasabi. It can be also be dyed pale orange (with yuzu), or jet black (squid ink).

Japanese cuisine uses many other interesting ingredients, a few of which we will be detailing here on our blog every week.

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  1. this post is very funny and reatarded

    • Tifenn says:

      chef zen:are you sure?..lol!!BBO:I didn’t buy my “sifu” coffee,so I have to hide and watch!!.icook4fun:Gert,this is alrley easy,right??.I know you and Carlos love sushi.Actually you can just make sashimi or chirashi,more easy than roll up.Looking forward your sushi:)bigchinfish:You can use knife to chop it off after you sliced the vein off.If you don’t mind eating the vein,just chop the tuna but usually when you sell to customer,you have to look into the quality.And I think some part of the tuna have different texture and more vein and some part have none.It’s same concept refer to beef part..the better quality sell for higher price.Usually chinese owner buy cheaper quality tuna to cut cost.So they use this method.LCOM:I never use long grain rice to make sushi.I think you can try it.There ‘s not harm,just differrent texture.I bought a 10 pound of Calrose rice(sushi) last year and I’m still using it.But they do sell in 1 pound or 5 pound packaging.If you cook one a while just buy one pound packaging.The different between Calrose rice and jasmine rice is the stickness texture.I prefer to cook “chok”porridge using Calrose rice,it’s open up so beautiful and faster.Try it and ley us know,how it’s taste and it texture wise.

    • Nestor says:

      Hi ChefI love this site, i need to prepare for a llitte party so i wanna try a few or your popular dish here! they look great!!! but yeah. help me out here if you could.for the sauce? what type or brand of chilli sauce are we talking about and any type or particular sugar? or are you using a pre mix?also i asked about how to make tempura batter also. do u have a link or vid for it?Many thanks in advance

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    • Piroska says:

      1 cup kewpie mayo, a srquit of sriracha, and add sugar to your liking maybe like 2 tbsp or more. maybe some togarashi if you got some1 part soy sauce 1 part mirin 1 part sugar and throw in some eel bones, dont got any, throw in some fish bones, let it simmer. Hard part is to actually wait while its simmering and not turn up the heat and get it over with.

    • Precious says:

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